Avant X 300-1

Televes Programmable Channelized Amplifier

TELEVES Avant X Multi-input multiband amplifier, perfect for terrestrial individual or MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) installations, that allows programming up to 32 digital filters on 4 VHF+UHF inputs (DTT).


The multiband amplifier is equipped with 5 inputs: FM-4xVHF/UHF, and can achieve programmable amplification and balancing of the different RF inputs.
Thanks to ASuite, the multiband amplifier programming is very easy and intuitive using an Android or Windows/Mac application.


The multiband amplifier is able to detect LTE signals and automatically set the filter to channel 48 (for LTE700) or 60 (for LTE790), thanks to the automatic LTE filtering.

Televes Minikom 300-1

Televes Minikom Amplifiers

TELEVES Minikom Series is a range of compact amplifiers with possibility of low or high gain, multiple inputs, to be deployed in small and medium size systems.


TELEVES Minikom Amplifiers are designed for small and medium size distribution networks. To be used as MATV headend, Featuring a Low/ High gain switch guaranteeing a wide dynamic margin with low noise figure.

Televes DTkom 300-1

Televes DTKom Amplifiers

TELEVES DTKom Series Amplifier is a range of high performance amplifiers, offering functionality and power, and designed to have direct access to all configuration parameters of the equipment.


  • Separate amplification minimizes intermodulation between bands and provides high output levels
  • Designed using Push-Pull technology, which guarantees levels in the 123 dBμV range for terrestrial signals.
  • Includes a high-performance low-power consumption switch-mode power supply
  • High-screening Zamak chassis The design facilitates appropriate cooling
Teles TOX

Televes T.O.X series Channel Processing Equipment

TELEVES T.oX Series Channel Equipment: Talent and efficiency.


A range of headends that meets all the professional requirements, providing any modulation format by means of a fast, compact, reliable and environment-friendly system. It includes significant technological developments in electronics design and signal processing, like FPGAs. T.0X module production is fully automated, which translates into an outstanding reliability and supply capacity.

  • Energy efficiency
  • A single supply voltage
  • More services with less modules (multiple devices)
  • Easy to install (in rack, cabinet, ring, support…): 5U-high modules
  • Local or remote programming using the Headend Controller
Televes Optical

Televes Optical Fiber Equipment

Televes Optical Fiber Equipment: Ingenuity and efficiency. Series of headends for the transformation of RF signals into optical signals and vice versa. It also provides modules that combine television and data signals (GPON), and network devices such as optical amplifiers and splitters.


Televes Optical module production is fully automated, which translates into an outstanding reliability and a high delivery capacity. A series that stands out for energy efficiency and ease of installation (in racks or cases).

Televes Gpon


Televes Optical Line Termination (OLT) is a headend that distributes IP services over optical fiber using the GPON protocol. It is in charge of managing and adapting the services to the subscribers’ profiles and their devices, allowing the distribution and commercialization of Quad Play signals (Internet, TV, telephony, etc).


Specifically designed for the residential environment, OLT512 can serve up to 512 subscribers with total rates of 2.5 Gbps/1.24 Gbps (downstream/upstream) on each GPON port.
Equipped with the following ports: 8xPON + 4xGbE + 4x10GbE/GbE.