F 4W tap with DC pass – 5…2400 MHz 29 dB


Tap equipped with 4 tap ways and F connectors for SMATV signals. Due to the tap losses (29 dB), installation on the tenth floor (10) is recommended (D type).
Conceived for indoor installation, it can also be used outdoors with a case (ref. 4163).


Main features
  • F connectors
  • Improves through losses
  • Outstanding shielding
  • Grounding screw provided
  • Bidirectional DC pass between output and input, and from the bridging connections to the input/output


Frequency range MHz 5-2400
47-862 950-2150
Number of outputs 4
Floors 10
Through loss dB 1.5
Tap loss 29
Rejection between taps >20
DC Pass (max.) A 1 (In↔Out / deriv.→In-Out)