F 4W Splitter with UAP


5…2400 MHz 8 dB/10 dB
4-way Splitter with UAP and F connectors for SMATV signals.
The UAP (User Access Point) provides an additional input for the second downcomer, as specified by ICT-2 regulation concerning installations.
Conceived for indoor installation, it can also be used outdoors with a case (ref. 4163).


Main features
  • F connectors
  • Improves through losses
  • Outstanding shielding
  • Grounding screw provided
  • DC pass from the outputs to the input


Frequency range MHz 5-2400
47-862 950-2400
Number of outputs 4
Through loss dB 8 10
Tap loss >20
DC Pass (max.) A 1 (Out→In)
Application Example

Application Example

Application Example